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Nobody likes being stereotyped whether it’s good or bad. And for the most part when we think of them it’s often not a good thing. In the world of sneakers and sneakerheads you may think there is any but there is actually a few that are actually true to this day. I’m not talking about stereotype that says everybody loves J’s (which is completely and totally TRUE). I’m referring to the stereotype that says we freak out when it comes to wearing and keeping our sneakers clean and as fresh as possible (also extremely true). I’ve come across this stereotype many times before and just today I was asked if my shoes were new. My reply was no and that I’ve had them since March. He then said “Oh are you one of those people that go crazy when you get the tiniest mark on your shoes?” I wasn’t mad by his remark because it was true. I do freak out,i do get angry, and so would any other sneaker head or enthusiast. SO WATCH YOUR DAMN STEP. The average person wouldn’t understand that I keep my kicks so clean and barely wear them, and when I do I make sure I don’t get any scuffs or let people disrespect them and step all over my toes. And in the case that I do get a scuff the second I get back home I clean it off with my Jason Markk shoe cleaner ( It’s becoming more known that people don’t like having dirty kicks and take the proper actions to keep them clean. As for the stereotype, it will always remain true but us sneaker misfits don’t have a problem being fresh on a daily basis.
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