Sep. 26th, 2012

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I love a lot of sneakers out there, and believe me, a lot. But if you asked me to choose a favorite I wouldn’t tell you a pair of retro Jordans. Surprised? Don't be, because the number one rule when it comes to sneakers is that there’s definitely more to sneakers than just Jordans. It always bothers me when I hear someone ramble on about Jordans like they are the only sneakers out there. In fact if you asked I'd have to tell you my favorite kicks are Nike Blazers, and that goes for the SBs, vintage, high, or low tops. I remember when I started getting interested in sneakers when at the age of 14 and the first time I saw a pair I begged my mom to get me a pair for my birthday. Since then I've purchased 7 more pairs and have only really owned 2 pairs of Jordans. So needless to say, I can’t get me enough of some blazers. No offense to Michael Jordan and his shoes or the people who buy them (if they can afford it) but I would much rather buy a pair of blazers, unless I was looking to make a quick dollar on a resale like many people do today with all the hype behind these shoes. So the next time you hear someone hyping up a pair of J's just remind yourself of that number one rule, theres more to sneakers than just jordans.
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