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It was my junior in high school at Waubonsie Valley High and life just couldn’t be any better. Oh wait that’s right… I was broke, so of course it could have been 10 times better! My parents wanted me to get a job so I could start funding some of my own activities, and at the time I couldn’t have agreed more. I always had to ask them for money to go out, and I was really sick of doing that. Plus, I thought it would be cool to be one of the first ones in my group of friends to actually have some real responsibility and get paychecks with my name on it (at the time that was a cool thing to brag about to everyone who didn’t have a job). I liked to consider myself to be one fly dude in high school and always dressed to impress in an outfit like crispy straight fit Levis, that I ironed until steam trickled out from the iron, a nice 100% cotton Henley that fit perfectly to my muscle build (which I thought was one of a kind back then), and let’s not forget the fresh Nike Blazers with a suede upper sole and a leather swoosh! I couldn't forget the sneakers because without the sneakers it wasn’t an outfit. Monday through Friday I was dressed to a tee to impress the ladies or stand out from other kids in my school, and to me the sneakers made that happen. Since I was on the hunt for a job I figured why not getting a job with some perks and the first thing that came to my mind was Nike.

There was a Nike outlet nearby my house and it was the perfect job for me since I loved their brand (and still do). I went online to the website, searched for career opportunities (for those of you interested then found the location by my house. After doing so, I applied for a part time sales associate position (honestly I had no idea what I was applying for I just needed a job), and waited anxiously for a call back to schedule an interview. A day passed and nothing, two days and nothing, three days… and still nothing! At this point I felt l like a fisherman out on a lake who has been fishing for hours and hasn’t had one bite (What a waste of time right?). On the fourth day while hanging out with my friends I finally received a call from a number I didn’t recognize and it just happened to be Nike calling to schedule an interview!! My heart was beating faster than ever as I tried to remain calm so I didn’t say anything too stupid to make me sound less qualified than I already was. I had an interview scheduled for Sunday and I couldn’t have been any happier to just have a what seemed to me to be a nerve wrecking question and answer session. As soon as I got off the phone I called my mom and let her know the good news and began to brainstorm what I would wear once the day came.

As my thoughts on what to wear began to tornado around in mind, I found myself becoming overwhelmed with all these different combinations of outfits to wear. When I first learned of Nike I knew it as a company that made athletic shoes and clothes, but later on I learned that they also have a huge line of casual clothes too, which they call “Sportswear”. So I could have gone the athletic route and wore basketball shorts and a t-shirt, or clean up a little and rock a nice Nike jacket with some jeans and of course a fresh pair of kicks. There was just so many different shirts or shorts I could wear I was making it hard on myself when it came time to decide what I would wear. I finally came to a conclusion and decided to wear a Nike jacket with a Jordan (Nike owned company, inspired by Michael Jordan) t-shirt underneath, some jeans, and a pair of Jordans I got for my birthday. That’s it. My outfit was complete and I was ready to take off for my interview.

Now I’ll admit I was nervous going into it but I knew what I went there for and was determined to get the job. It was a group interview and that just meant that I had to make myself stand out from the others, but at the same time I wasn’t going to lie just to make myself look better and not be able to live up to a bunch of lies I just told. I kept it honest with my answers stayed confident throughout the whole interview. Once it was over I was confident I would soon become a Nike employee and be on my way to receiving those paychecks that the few kids in my grade with jobs bragged about. Not to sound cocky but my prediction was right, and within 48 hours I received a call to come in and fill paperwork and start on the job the same day. I couldn’t believe it, I was finally on my way to working for a company that I loved and having some real responsibility. Also it made my parents proud to see their son making moves and being able to provide for his own fun. I figured their joy was just because of the sweet discount I was gonna have, but I know they were glad to see me do some things to make me more mature. And of course, i was gonna have money to buy even more fresh sneakers!

As always thanks for reading and don’t forget , Keep it Fresh.
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