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As the holiday season approaches there is a lot of giving going on among the sneaker community. Nicekicks ( is doing a giveaway called the #PAIRADAYGIVEAWAY where they give a pair of hot kicks off every day to a random contestant. You can enter by liking their page on facebook, following them on twitter @nicekicks and retweeting each day as many times as you want, following them on instagram and liking the photo of the shoe that they are giving away that day, and lastly entering by email. I do three of enter three different ways a day and am crossing my fingers that just maybe I’ll win a pair of kicks. Even if I don’t, it’s still nice of them to do and the whole sneaker community should appreciate the gesture. Although I wear Nikes, I entered today for a chance to win a pair of Adidas Conductor Hi “Defense” and you could do so through this link.
Goodluck and happy holidays.
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