Say What?!

Oct. 20th, 2012 02:43 am
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Being a “sneaker head” or sneaker enthusiast comes with a vocabulary of its own. There are words and phrases that we use to communicate with each other that those not involved in the sneaker game wouldn’t understand. I remember when I first started really getting into sneakers and I’d be in Finishline hearing a few guys talk about some hot J’s that they’ve been looking for and they would be like

“Ay bro you lookin to cop them concords?”
“Yeah I been lookin’ but the prices ain’t been right for a pair that’s DS”
“I feel you on that. They got me messed up if they think I’m ‘bout to drop 3 stacks on a pair that’s not”
“Shoot you ain’t lyin’ bro. Lemme know if you cop. I’ll stick with my OG 3s for now”

And after hearing their conversation I have no idea what the hell they were talking about! Hmm Concords, I thought those were grapes. Oh DS, As in Gameboy? Ah I got you OG, original gangster! Turns out my young and naïve thoughts were so wrong. Concord was a reference to the color way of the shoe. DS was far from a handheld game and actually meant Dead stock. As in the shoes hasn’t been worn at all. And about that original gangster, there was none. It meant original model that the players actually wore when they played instead of the new colors ways that have released since then.

I’ve come a long way from being that clueless kid, now when I hear and even read conversations about sneakers and J’s I know what they’re talking about. There’s even more lingo out there that confused the hell out of me before but over time you learn and might sound like those in this video:

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