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2012-09-12 01:24 am


When it comes to sneakers there are many feelings and emotions. One that quickly comes to my mind is joy, but following that quickly is anger. Although collecting and buying sneakers is fun to so many people, there are some people who take the fun and love out of it. Those people would be “Resellers”. Resellers are those who camp out for sneaker that some “hypebeast” has got everyone talking about, and buys let’s say 5 pairs of a shoe in a bunch of random sizes. These people have no intention on wearing the shoe at all; they just buy it to sell them for a few hundred dollars more than what they paid for them. The angering part about that is someone who actually camped out for the shoe and actually has intention on wearing it or collecting it can’t get their size in the shoe and wasted hours, days, and maybe a week of their time. To many sneaker enthusiasts or “Sneakerheads” resellers are ruining the game or just their passion for the game. For instance, as some might already know this summer the Nike “Yeezy II” released and hundreds of people all over camped out and waited up all night for it to catch it online. Even before the shoe was released there were posts on eBay for this $250 retail priced sneaker going for $90,000! Not even 24 hours after there were even more posts for this hot sneaker going for $2,500 already! Now I don’t know about you, but if I were someone with true passion for sneakers and put hours into trying to catch a pair and see them going for 10 times the price on eBay I would be angry to say the least. Things like this happen every day and will continue to go on as long as the demand for fresh sneakers is high. In the meantime people like me will just try to do what they can to keep the passion for Nike Sneakers thriving.

Thanks for checking in and you already know, keep it fresh.