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There is a lot of social networking that comes with sneakers. One of the biggest and most influential is Instagram. If you ever want to see a great collection of sneakers just search “uptown2k” or “heatonmyfeet” on instagram and when you get to their pages you won’t be disappointed. The creativity behind people’s shots takes the love for sneakers to whole new level and in my eyes sneakers are the new diamonds. A lot of girls or “chicks” so to speak are starting to be recognized for having tremendous collections of Nikes and are being put on the map. The profile of “HeatOnMyFeet” has helped get these girls out there with a calendar competition. He has asked those who want to be on the calendar to submit a artistic shot of them and their hottest kicks and they have to reach a certain number of likes on their photo in order to make the cut. You can check out the final 12 participants here on his page ( and might even want to cop a calendar when they drop. I know I will!
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